Third Street Writers | Submissions
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Beach Reads.

A literary journal that celebrates short form writing. Fiction. Non-fiction. Memoir. Personal Essay. Creative Non-fiction. Poetry. And, because sometimes it is easier to show than tell, we are looking for black and white photography and art. Each year, we will have a different theme. But we want you to think beyond the basic. Play with time and space and character and voice and point of view. Make it intense. And salient. And lovely. Or go dark or soft or silly or over the top. But above all, make it your own, show and tell us who you are and reveal the theme in a way that only you can.

Now, some nuts and bolts.

We have submissions open for six weeks starting in September and we publish our print version in April, just in time to get in on the shelves for summer.

We accept work of up to 900 words. We also accept up to three poems per submission. If you are a visual artist, you can submit up to three works in thumbnail format, but you must have a high resolution image available for the final copy. Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere – it happens, we just want you to tell us as soon as it does.

At this time, we are a fee-based publication.

If your work is selected for publication, you will receive payment of $25.00.

Your work belongs to you at all times, we reserve only the right to publish it first.

All work submitted must be your own and not previously published, either in print or digitally.

Sounds good? We think so.

Here is the masthead:
Amy Dechary
Rina Palumbo
Cecile Sarruf

Production and Design:
Jennifer Griffiths
Sande Robert

Business Guru:
Dennis Piszkiewicz